Study: Corporate Blogs Spark Attention

A majority of companies have noticed an increase in media attention or Web site traffic as a result of a company blog or blogs, according to a survey released yesterday by Cymfony and Porter Novelli.

Research for “Corporate Blog Learnings: The Discovery Age” was conducted between March and June and involved 73 Internet interviews with companies of varying size.

According to Cymfony,, Watertown, MA, and Porter Novelli,, which has offices around the world, there are still relatively few corporate blogs considering that one in five adults reports reading blogs.

Those that have stepped into this territory generally have not done so to satisfy a specific need. Instead, nearly two-thirds of respondents said that their company began their first blog because of pressure to participate in the medium. Once there, they continued on an ad hoc basis, with 57 percent saying they lack blogging guidelines and 63 percent reporting that no one reviews blogs prior to posting.

In firms of fewer than 20 employees, CEOs, executives and marketing were most likely to post on company blogs. Companies with 100 or more employees were more likely to have postings done by product management and public relations.

Almost two-fifths of respondents post on a company blog once or multiple times a day while three-quarters post several times a week.

Customers and prospective customers are the major targets of company blogs for 84 percent of respondents while 57 percent said the media was the target.

The results from blogs are mostly positive. A rise in media attention or Web site traffic as a result of a blog or blogs was noticed by 76 percent of respondents. However, 71 percent report they are not satisfied with the interaction level on the company blog.

A majority of respondents monitor other blogs, with 91 percent saying they do so at least several times per week. Forty-two percent said a specific post or posts affected their company, with 92 percent of those saying the effect was positive.

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