Study: BTB Tech Buyers Embrace Podcasts

Podcast usage among business-to-business technology buyers is significant and growing, according to a survey released by KnowledgeStorm Inc. and Universal McCann.

In the survey, 41 percent of respondents said they had listened to podcasts on more than one occasion while 13 percent stated that they “frequently” downloaded or listened to them.

Use of podcasts has “increased” or “significantly increased” for 32 percent of respondents, while that figure reached 39 percent for blogs.

Respondents listen to podcasts for personal and business interests in most cases, with 65 percent saying that they listen for both. However, 72 percent claimed they downloaded or listened to podcasts on technology topics more than once and 23 percent did so “frequently.”

The study also revealed that BTB technology buyers want research content, such as white papers and analyst reports, delivered as podcasts. Nearly 60 percent said that information on business or technology topics, now delivered as white papers or analyst reports, would be more interesting as podcasts, while 55 percent would be more likely to consume white papers and analyst reports if delivered as podcasts.

KnowledgeStorm is an Atlanta-based search resource for technology solutions and information. Universal McCann, New York, is one of the world’s largest media services firms and a division of Interpublic Group of Companies Inc.

More than 3,900 business and IT professionals representing various job titles, vertical industries and company sizes completed the survey. It aimed to explore how new forms of media such as podcasts and blogs are affecting content consumption and purchasing influence in the BTB marketplace.

This first study focused on podcasts while subsequent releases will focus on blogs, RSS feeds and other new technologies.

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