StrongMail to offer SMS messaging

Digital marketing solutions provider StrongMail will offer SMS messaging through a partnership with Velti, said Kara Trivunovic, StrongMail’s VP of agency services. StrongMail will incorporate Velti’s advanced mobile marketing platform into StrongMail’s existing Message Studio, a campaign management solution.

The integration of both platforms will allow StongMail customers to create basic SMS campaigns, and automate outbound email and SMS communications based on user preferences, Trivunovic said. For example, a different action will automatically occur depending on whether a consumer opens an email or if an email bounces.

“It gives [marketers] the ability to create communications in an automated way [and] to leverage them across email and mobile,” Trivunovic said.

According to a survey released by StrongMail today, 45% of businesses surveyed use mobile as a marketing channel and 70% of businesses expect to increase their mobile budgets.

StrongMail considered several other providers, but Trivunovic said it ultimately decided on Velti because of the ease of integration of their products, the services they offer and pricing. StrongMail has also previously worked on other projects with Velti, Trivunovic said.  

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