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StrongMail Picked to Map AAA’s E-Mail Deliverability

Leisure travel organization AAA tapped e-mail software provider StrongMail Systems, Redwood City, CA, to manage its 49-million-member e-mail delivery platform.

AAA is looking to track and increase deliverability and to become compliant with Internet service providers and corporate e-mail systems.

AAA’s Web site at www.aaa.com powers registration and travel applications for its members across the United States and Canada. The organization sends out more than 1 million e-mails a month.

StrongMail will measure e-mail deliverability rates to resolve any conflicts that may arise.

The national AAA organization has a federation of 72 motor clubs with more than 1,100 offices. It hosts many of the individual club Web sites, as well as managing their e-mail delivery. All sites, like AAA’s TripTik, will now use the StrongMail system.

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