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Storey unveils tangram-inspired design identity

"Tangram-inspired Identity"
“Tangram-inspired Identity”

Storey, a co-working space provider, reveals a fresh design identity, with DixonBaxi, the creative agency, leading the design. The inspiration? The geometric shapes of a tangram puzzle symbolize the diverse businesses sharing Storey’s spaces. This innovative design mirrors a tangram puzzle’s shapes, reflecting the contemporary, dynamic work environment offered by Storey.

This is not the first time DixonBaxi and British Land, Storey’s parent company, have worked together. They have shared a successful eight-year partnership, which has produced numerous significant projects, reshaping the commercial property landscape and crafting innovation layers.

With Storey’s move to upgrade its brand image to align with its more premium spaces, design director Karun Agimal created appealing experiences across Storey’s various London locations. The design process was tailored to balance collaborative zones and private areas, targeting a diverse range of businesses and encouraging a mix of ideas and inspiration.

As Storey expands into new office spaces, it’s prime time for refreshing its visual identity.

Storey’s tangram-inspired design refresh

Agimal stresses that the new design represents Storey’s locations, office spaces, environment, and core values, catapulting them onto a broader platform while injecting a fresh, convincing brand image.

The tangram-inspired logo is a nod to Storey’s adaptability and customization. The square shape illustrates the workspace, and the tangram shapes shadow each in-house business’s unique features. This aesthetic makes for a versatile brand logo that captures the company’s flexible approach to business.

The design balances graphic illustrations and real images to enhance brand visibility. Whether on print or digital platforms, Storey’s new identity and principles of flexibility and simplicity are consistently communicated. Color, typography, and layout are woven into every design aspect to align with Storey’s reinvigorated brand image and values.

Reviews are conducted to ensure the design resonates with consumer preferences and market trends. As such, these practices are applied to both digital and print media, promoting Storey’s polished persona on all fronts.

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