Stihl selects Zeta Interactive as digital AOR

Power tool manufacturer Stihl has selected Zeta Interactive as its digital marketing agency of record.

Under the terms of the year-long agreement, signed last month and announced March 22, Zeta will aid Stihl with its search and mobile marketing. The agency will work to improve Stihl’s search results, said Carla McLeod, CMO of Zeta.

“Their category is getting much more competitive online,” she said. “Stihl is an interesting case because they don’t sell through retailers like Kohl’s or Lowe’s, they sell directly through dealerships. Because of that, they have to be more strategic to than their competitors to get people to learn about their products.”

Zeta is also optimizing Stihl’s paid and organic search placement. It is also planning a Father’s Day search campaign that will begin in May.

The agency is also creating a mobile site for Stihl. The manufacturer currently has a mobile program that lets customers opt in to receive gardening tips and product updates through their mobile phones, as well as locate dealers by texting in their ZIP code.

“We retained Zeta Interactive because we understand the value of having a leadership presence in today’s digital environment, as customers increasingly move online to make decisions,” said Ken Waldron, national marketing manager for Stihl, in a statement.

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