Stein Rogan to Help Style Flycast’s Networking Future

Flycast Communications, New York, a producer of online direct response advertising with 25 million unique visitors each month, will enlist Stein Rogan + Partners, New York, to lure new business and continue its growth. Billings were estimated at $5 million.

At Stein Rogan + Partners, an interactive and information-oriented advertising and communication services shop, president Thomas Stein said it was not unusual to have an agency turning to another for expertise.

“Flycast very much exists to serve agencies whether they’re interactive, direct or a combination,” Stein said.

But he emphasized the importance of making sure its expertise is made sufficiently known within key discipline areas of the marketing and communications business specifically. “They are like any other important brand that’s out there,” he said. “They need advertising agencies, marketers and key decision makers to know what they [are doing] and how they do it. We do a huge amount of work in this area. We also have the track record. It’s one of the reasons they hired us.”

Stein said clients like Flycast have a tremendous depth of knowledge and experience that must be brought to the attention of the marketing industry, its media and key decision makers. He declined to characterize exactly how his agency intended to begin that process. He said the effort would likely include a customized direct mail component aimed at highly influential industry leaders.

“We just had our creative approved,” he said. “I would say [these kinds of] business-to-business campaigns tend to run in the vicinity of 2,000 to 10,000 pieces per mailing.”

Stein Rogan + Partners has offices in New York and Chicago. The agency deals primarily with brands in the information industries, including Internet/online, e-commerce, e-finance, content, technology, interactive entertainment and communications.

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