Statware Releases EDI Guide

Statware Inc. announced the release Friday of its dmEDI Client Implementation Guide for list brokers, managers and service bureaus involved with its electronic data interchange, or EDI, initiative.

EDI is a Web-based technology that lets list brokers, managers and service bureaus communicate and transfer orders, invoices and documents directly in and out of a reciprocating “trading partner” system.

Statware has worked on its dmEDI system since last year but some list professionals tried unsuccessfully to get an electronic data interchange effort off the ground in the early 1990s.

The Statware dmEDI system is ready for clients to implement, Statware president Richard A. Lepoutre said.

Lepoutre founded list brokerage and management company Statlistics and list software development firm Statware in 1983. In 2000, he sold his stake in Statlistics to focus on Statware, which offers two key products to the list industry. PowerLIST is for order entry, invoicing, accounting and reporting while PowerCARD is a data card research tool.

“We have produced a set of technologies that allows disparate broker, manager and service bureau systems to communicate electronically with each other,” Lepoutre said in a statement. “And best of all, the design is such that a dmEDI participant can hook up with little or no changes to their 'in-house' system[s] and in very reasonable time.”

The guide includes step-by-step instructions for systems designers and programmers. Statware also has a dedicated Web services technical team available for remote or on-site assistance.

Lepoutre would not name any dmEDI clients but said that five firms have begun work on connecting to the system including one major service bureau. Also, Statware's 65 PowerLIST customers will automatically have dmEDI connectivity built in.

All list brokers, managers and service bureaus may contact Statware for the guide but must agree to execute a simple nondisclosure agreement. The guide is not available to mailers or technical/programming consultants.

To learn more about dmEDI or to obtain the guide, contact Lepoutre at [email protected], [email protected] or 860/767-9000, ext. 111. Other information about dmEDI can be found at

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