Statware, mIn Team on Data Card System

After striking a deal with Marketing Information Network, list industry software developer Statware Inc. has announced the availability of PowerCARD, a Web-based data card research tool for list brokers, managers and their clients.

Statware will demonstrate the system next week at the Direct Marketing Association's 86th Annual Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, FL.

PowerCARD is a modular component to the firm's core Powerlist software solution, which is used by 70 list firms for order entry, invoicing, accounting and reporting.

Statware started developing Powerlist in 1983 as a byproduct of list brokerage and management company Statlistics. Richard A. LePoutre founded both firms.

“Statware was created to build an internal software system for Statlistics,” said LePoutre, president of Statware, Centerbrook, CT.

After the original Powerlist software was complete, Statware began selling it to other list companies, he said. In May 2000, LePoutre sold his stake in Statlistics to his partners John Papalia and Donna Buckner and continued to run Statware as a separate company.

Though the original Powerlist software had a data card system built in, LePoutre said that he has wanted to build a new system for several years. The partnership with mIn, Oklahoma City, has let Statware do so, with access to its 45,000-plus active data card library with about 500 updates daily.

The PowerCARD system not only lets brokers search for data cards but has other features, according to LePoutre.

“In PowerCARD, brokers can maintain and manage customized versions of data cards for each client they work with,” he said. This feature lets brokers eliminate information that is irrelevant to the specific client and even expand on other information.

With PowerCARD, brokers also can put the recommendations they create into a secure Web page that their client can access.

“You can go from there and create a bunch of orders almost automatically in Powerlist, which relieves a lot of the data entry,” LePoutre said.

Another Statware partner in the venture is service bureau Oaktree Systems, Calverton, NY. The firm has a purely Web-based system for its clients, and through PowerCARD brokers can access real-time counts on Oaktree-fulfilled properties. More Oaktree-powered functions for the system are in the works, LePoutre said, but he would not reveal details.

LePoutre said that pricing for PowerCARD was comparable with other products on the market. For more information, reach him at 860/767-9000 or [email protected]

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