State Recovers $15,500 From Fundraiser

A telemarketer will pay $15,500 to reimburse a local fire department after the Pennsylvania attorney general's office sued the company on charges of violating the state's charity laws.

The attorney general's office said it recovered that money through a legal action filed against PM Telemarketing Support Services, Pottstown, PA. According to the charges, the company failed to turn the money over to the Montgomery County Fire Department and made misleading statements in its telemarketing and direct mail solicitations.

According to the attorney general's office, PM Telemarketing made solicitations on behalf of the fire department from 1998 to 2001 by selling tickets to a charity music show. In that time, the company made several false claims, according to the charges, including that contributions would be used to build the fire department's headquarters and that a lack of donations could lead to the loss of the only paramedic unit in the region.

The state also charged PM Telemarketing's principal operator, Paul Anzulewicz, with acting as a professional fundraising solicitor after his registration with the state had expired.

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