Start Me Up: Using Dash, restaurants can predict your order, and you’ll never have to use your wallet to pay

Paying your tab with a credit card? That’s like, something old people do, man.

Meet Brooklyn, NY based Dash, a new mobile payment platform for bars and restaurants that allow customers to open, view, and close their tabs without ever having to reach into their wallet. The process is simple: create an account on the app, securely link your banking information, check-in at a restaurant and start ordering. The entire process is integrated with the waitstaff’s computer system which allows for an incredibly easy and seamless experience. When it’s time to leave, add a tip and close your tab on your way out the door. No more waiting for the check!

Using Dash, diners can close their tab whenever they’re ready to leave, they can view their bill throughout the entire process, and they can split checks digitally with others at the table. For restaurant owners, Dash works because payment is secured and guaranteed (no more walkouts), waitstaff can spend more time attending to tables and less time splitting checks, and the venue makes more money from reduced credit card transaction fees. 

What makes Dash especially useful however,  is its ability to serve restaurant/venue owners as a free marketing tool. When a customer checks in with Dash, their social accounts can be easily alerted,  further promoting the venue simply by being there. An establishment is also able to notify guests via Dash, sending them notifications, specials, discounts and coupons. Chatter can be generated from the app itself and reviews can be moderated.

Gennady Spirin, co-founder and COO of Dash, explains that aside from the social media functionality, a Dash enabled business owner is capable of accessing important analytics on their customer base in real time. “The restaurant’s ‘DASHboard’ is able to provide consumption habits and once we implement our badge system, we get insights on who is a high tipper, a VIP,etc,” says Spirin.

For example, once a customer checks in at a restaurant, the server can quickly note that they have ordered a Rum and Coke four out of the last five times they’ve dined with them. This gives the waitstaff a leg up on the diner’s palate and allows them to spend more time on specific interests as opposed to wasting precious time talking about wine or beer.

Co-founder and CEO Jeff McGregor says,”Our DASHboard is one more step towards bringing that value there, having data in the front of house, and for owners to really connect with their patrons and create loyalty on a different level than other products that are out there.”

By transcending the boundaries of mobile payment, Dash proves that it isn’t just a Venmo for the restaurant industry.  A small cafe owner isn’t just getting a new way to transact money, they are getting a peek into the tastes, habits, choices and budgets of their regulars. Information gathered from Dash may lead the manager to adjust the time of happy hour, take items off the menu, or even keep the store closed on a certain day. 

 While most restaurant goers haven’t paid via an app yet at their favorite bar or restaurant, rest assured, companies at the forefront of this technology will soon become household names. 

Which side of history will your watering hole be on?

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