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Staffing changes in Helena’s business landscape

Helena's Staffing
Helena’s Staffing

Recent staffing changes at West Mont, Great West Engineering, and St. Peter’s Health Medical Group mark new developments in Helena’s business scene. West Mont is ramping up its staff for better operational efficiency; Great West Engineering is restructuring through redeployment, new hires, and layoffs; and St. Peter’s Health Medical Group revamps its healthcare staff to reinforce its dedication to comprehensive medical services.

West Mont, a non-profit supporting individuals with disabilities since 1973, announced Laura Kneedler as its new President and CEO as of July 1st. Kneedler resigned from her West Mont board position to take up the role, succeeding Ashleigh Heimbach, who is pursuing new opportunities.

Kneedler’s career in the disability care sector spans over 15 years, with roles across education, healthcare, and vocational services. Her credentials include degrees from Montana State University and a master’s in special education from Concordia University, Portland.

Helena’s business staffing reshuffle

Reflecting on her appointment, West Mont’s board chair, David Peretto, expressed optimism over her prospective impact on the organization’s mission and principles.

In another significant staffing announcement, Great West Engineering has welcomed a recent graduate, Gavin Dolechek, to its Municipal Group. A civil engineering graduate from Montana Technological University, Dolechek combines his engineering passion with an enthusiasm for outdoor activities, sports, and movies.

Finally, St. Peter’s Health Medical Group has introduced its new orthopedic nurse practitioner, Amy Vander Giessen. Holding a Master of Science in Nursing-Family Nurse Practitioner from Walden University, and a bachelor’s in nursing degree from the University of Wisconsin, Vander Giessen contributes valuable expertise to the Group, with a focus on preventative care, diagnosis, and treatment of adult musculoskeletal conditions.

Vander Giessen aims to build strong patient relationships and deliver a holistic, patient-focused approach. Thanks to her solid educational background and dedicated commitment to patient care, Vander Giessen is viewed as a significant addition to St. Peter’s Health Medical Group.

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