Sprint Says SAS System Brings Results

Sprint said its customer relationship management system from SAS Institute has helped the global communications company increase customer retention and save more than $1 million in processing costs since the system was implemented last year.

The application assists Sprint's Global Markets Group in customer acquisition and retention processes. According to Sprint, the application from SAS, Cary, NC, has helped its database perform precise market segmentation, trending and modeling, customer analysis and reporting, using centralized customer data from disparate sources.

“Our customer base is expanding rapidly, and we want to know about their evolving needs,” said John Dupree, Sprint's vice president of marketing and general business sales. “We're very good at collecting data but need to organize the data so we gain optimal insight from it. SAS delivered a customer relationship management solution that enabled us to integrate our data and better understand our customers and their needs, so we can market to them in ways that grow their business and ours.”

With predictive analysis, Sprint, Kansas City, MO, can focus on customer needs more than a year in advance so sales and capital deployment decisions can be made with greater accuracy, Dupree said. Customer retention, cross-selling and upselling are measurably higher as a result of the application, he said.

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