Sprinklr tops the TrustRadius social media management list

Last summer, we published an in depth look at a number of social media management platforms, from enterprise level offerings to specialist and SMB-focused tools.  We didn’t rank the tools reviewed, partly because our selection didn’t pretend to be comprehensive, and partly because–unlike enterprise use of marketing clouds, for example–businesses have widely varying needs when it comes to social media.  We wrote: “For better or worse, this hasn’t been about anointing a winner.  It all comes back to our opening question. What does your brand need social media management to be?”

But rankings are always interesting of course, so we wanted to highlight some figures which were published just before the holidays by TrustRadius, the crowd-sourced software review site. The selection of solutions here, and the final ranking, were determined by TrustRadius ratings, as well as the frequency with which users researched the products. 

Just to break it down in comparison with coverage at The Hub: we treated the Oracle and Adobe offerings as part of their respective marketing clouds rather than standalone social media solutions; of the remaining eight, we covered four of TrustRadius’ top six overall solutions in our survey (Hootsuite, Spredfast, Sprinklr, and SproutSocial).

Here are the TrustRadius results in summary: the full article is here.

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