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Sprinklr introduces real-time automated ad buying for social media

Social media marketing platform Sprinklr is introducing the first ever tool for automated social media buying. The new feature will enable marketers to automatically determine which of their organic social media content is gaining steam, and amplify it by turning it into a targeted ad.

“Paid, earned and owned media don’t exist as separate silos for brand marketers so they shouldn’t be separate in the technologies they use either,” says Sprinklr CEO Ragy Thomas. “The release of a real-time paid social content promotion capability and a deepening partnership with Twitter are the next steps in providing brands with the insights they need to drive meaningful business objectives.” 

The new automation feature for paid social is designed to free up marketers and allow them to capitalize on real-time marketing opportunities, without having to constantly monitor social media actively. For example, a marketer sends out a tweet with an attached image to the brand’s followers. They could set a list of rules that say if the tweet gets retweeted, or favorited more than a certain number of times, then it is performing well and needs a paid push to really make it “go viral.” The software then uses a pre-allocated amount of ad spend to instantly turn that piece of organic content into an advertisement, using all the publishing and targeting tools that are available in Facebook and Twitter. The ad instantly goes live, and its performance gets recorded in Sprinklr’s analytics.

“You can’t sit around all day just hitting refresh on your browser to see how things are performing, or skip all meetings, lunch, and picking up kids from school so you’re there at the right moment,” says Jeremy Epstein, VP marketing at Sprinklr. “Now, however, with the only integrated automation rules engine, you’ll be able to say ‘If a tweet gets to 1.05% engagement, automatically boost it using $5000 from my paid media budget” and then just set it and forget it.”

The tool comes in handy in a few other scenarios as well. A marketer can use it to perform a sort of A/B test to see which social media content performs the best, and amplify it. It can also be used to kill an underperforming ad and save a few dollars on the budget. For real-time event “newsjacking,” the platform can be used to create ads that are connected to certain keywords which are expected to trend.

It does however raise an interesting question in the scenario of a tweet that becomes popular for all the wrong reasons. Let’s say you set a rule for promoting a tweet, turning it into a promoted tweet once it gets over 50 retweets. If your tweet is being retweeted ironically, or because it’s deemed offensive, insensitive or just plain dumb, then your software has suddenly amplified something you really don’t it want to. However, if you’ve got a marketing team that wrote that tweet in the first place, then you’ve got bigger problems than software.

Last month, Sprinklr announced that it was offering paid social media ad solutions for the first time, and this latest feature is building on that. This gives Sprinklr a considerable edge over its competitors, as it now offers a complete integrated solution for all three major social media components, publishing/management, analytics, and paid. Its nearest competitor in that regard is Adobe Social, but there’s plenty of other platforms catching up in crowded market space that has seen plenty of activity in the last few months. Salesforce recently announced an integration for its Buddy Media and Radian6 social platforms, and Austin-based Spredfast just came out with a predictive social analytics tool. The addition of a paid component, however,  gives Sprinklr a major advantage, especially in its quest for enterprise customers, for whom an all-in-one social solution makes sense at scale.

In addition to the new paid social optimization tool, Sprinklr is announcing its status as one of Twitter’s Marketing Platform Partners, a handful of companies that get special access to Twitter’s APIs for advertising and marketing solutions on the platform.

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