Spring Offers Foreign Address Cleansing, Formatting

Spring, an international mail solutions provider, introduced a service designed to help U.S. businesses enhance the likelihood that their international mail reaches its destination, as well as help boost international response rates.

Called Address Cleansing & Formatting, it cleanses mailing addresses and properly labels mail according to domestic postal standards around the world. For international addresses currently, an average of nearly 50 percent of in-house lists and 60 percent of vendor lists require address correction, according to Spring.

Spring is a brand name used by G3 Worldwide Mail N.V., a joint venture formed by TPG, Royal Mail Group plc and Singapore Post. Established in July 2001, Spring handles 20 million mail pieces weekly through its worldwide network of more than 100 mail centers. Company headquarters are in Amsterdam, with regional offices in New York, Brussels and Singapore.

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