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Spotlight on Selligent Marketing Cloud: Getting Serious About Omnichannel Marketing

Most brands and retailers — over 90 percent, according to recent research — have an omnichannel marketing strategy, or plan to adopt one. But around 50 percent rate their ability to deliver good omnichannel experiences as average to poor, or even very poor. Starting with the data, there is so much more that brands can to to create powerful experiences across a flexible range of channels. In this podcast, DMN Editor-in-Chief Kim Davis hears from Selligent’s Kat Berman (Head of Global Enablement) and Jo Bosman (Website and Mobile Personalization Evangelist) about not only omnichannel strategy, but detailed points of execution — from identity resolution to contextual messaging, and from website pop-ins and pop-ups to campaign optimization. We also hear some real-life client success stories.

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