Spotlight On: New Marketing and AdTech from Cannes Lions 2016

Cannes Lions 2016 has come to a close, but its passing may bring with it a new wave of digital marketing that infuses creativity with technology. Some of the tools that marketers will ostensibly use to realize this synthesis were unveiled during this year’s festival.

Here are some highlights of the marketing and ad tech offerings announced at Cannes.


  • Creative Hub: a platform where agencies can collaborate and experiment with different ad formats, particularly on mobile.

  • Slideshow: a video ad platform aimed at emerging markets that Facebook launched last year. The company is adding audio and text overlay to videos, a video-to-Slideshow creation tool, and the ability for marketers to create slideshows on mobile. (AdWeek)

  • Canvas: a full-screen mobile experience creation tool for iOS and Android Facebook users. Canvas is now available for organic posts.


  • Yahoo Tiles: A mobile ad format that emphasises 360 degree content.

  • Storytellers: an amalgam of existing Yahoo branded content solutions that aims to centralize Yahoo’s native and content marketing platforms.


Kiosked, a video ad tech company, announced a programmatically traded 360 degree ad format for marketers

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