Spotlight On: Amazon’s Data Bet and Another Attempt at Curation

Ever-expanding eCommerce company Amazon has been in the news quite often recently. Here’s what we’ve learned.

Fewer than 50% of Dash (tangible one-click buttons for pantry and cleaning staples) purchasers have actually used the button (ZDNet/Slice Intelligence)

But it’s not about volume; it’s about data. Says Fast Company: “By understanding the shopping habits of brands’ most loyal customers, Amazon has a better chance to create the shopping business of the future.” (Fast Company)

The company just cannot quit curation. It’s latest effort? Interesting Finds, which appeals to shoppers looking for unique (well, as unique as being listed on Amazon can be) gifts and products (Next Web/Amazon)

Guardian managed to get into a customer tour of the HQ. Plenty of PR, not much about the future of the company. ree of guilt-inducing human workers, this small glassed-in area showcases Amazon’s warehouse robot Totey (“Because it picks up tote boxes!”). We press a button on a little touchscreen and Totey whirs into life, picking up a box and presenting it to the group – a multi-million dollar version of a claw grabber arcade game.” (Guardian)

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