Spotify lets brands target your mood

Streaming music service Spotify will allow brands to access user data for targeted marketing purposes, it was announced yesterday.

Spotify for Brands, which emphasizes the prolonged, round-the-clock engagement of users with the music platform, describes its news Playlist Targeting product as “an industry-first targeting solution that enables brands to tap into Spotify first-party data to reach the audiences that matter most.”

Based on the assumption that playlist selection is a marker for mood or activity (relaxed versus working out, etc), Playlist Targeting will allow brands to run relevant messages against music choice. This is part of an updated range of functionality which allows brands to target based on age, gender, location, language, time of day, and device. Brands can also leverage cross-platform retargeting, continuing conversations sequentially on other platforms.

Jeff Levick, Chief Revenue Officer, said: “Our new targeting solutions based on rich behavioral insights combined with our global footprint in 58 markets give brands unprecedented ways to reach streaming consumers.” 

The new product is partly based on data from the music analytics vendor The Echo Nest, acquired by Spotify last year. Spotify hosts 1.5 billion playlists with over 60 million active monthly users

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