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Spotify joins rush to video

Spotify announced in New York yesterday that it will add new features and functionality to its app, including video and podcasts. In what is being seen as a challenge to YouTube and Apple–currently planning a launch for its streaming music service–the Sweden-UK streaming music company is partnering with ABC, NBC, ESPN, Vice, Comedy Central, and other brands, to push video content well beyond music clips.

Although the emphasis will be on short clips, the intended outcome is to increase time spent on app by users who might otherwise look elsewhere for video content. It also enhances opportunities for video advertising. Spotify is already served as a platform for video ads, but had previously served them outside the context of video programming.

We want Spotify to help soundtrack your life–Daniel Ek, CEO

Also of interest to marketers will be Spotify’s mobile-focused “Now” screen which will leverage algorithms and contributed playlist data to curate music for the user’s current context, whether it be working, commuting, relaxing or exercising. It even claims to be able to match music tempo to a user’s running pace. Finely focused data on user activity can also be used for ad targeting purposes.

“We’re bringing you a deeper, richer, more immersive Spotify experience,” said Daniel Ek, Founder and CEO at Spotify. “We want Spotify to help soundtrack your life by offering an even wider world of entertainment with an awesome mix of the best music, podcasts and video delivered to you throughout your day.”


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