Spotify Ditches Year in Review for Year in Preview b/c We’re So Over 2017

Coming off the majorly successful 2016 campaign, “Thanks, 2016…It’s Been Weird,” Spotify has taken the populous temperature once again and applied it to their 2017 campaign. Or, rather, their lack thereof. Featuring over 70 artists and appearing in 18 markets, the campaign “2018 Goals” is ditching the annual Year in Review for a Year in Preview.

“We felt fatigued [by 2017],” said Danielle Lee, Spotify’s Global Head of Partner Solutions. “We got the sense that other people were in the same position, like: Let’s not relive painful experiences of this year.”

Spotify has always been a platform that reflects the mood and ethos of a community of people. It reflects what is happening in culture and in peoples lives. It doesn’t strike as a surprise, then, that Spotify — with its massive data hood (we’re talking about a collection of 100 billion data point per day) – would come to the idea that people were just #Over2017.

“We’ve been able to glean a lot of insight into culture and what’s relevant in our respective communities around the world,” said Lee.

Taking this knowledge to both their B2B and B2C campaigns, Spotify launched 2018 Goals.

“We wanted to have an eye to the future,” Lee said, “and almost “will in” a good year for 2018.”

And so, following a year full of WTFs for many, Spotify used their rich data to tell the stories of its users and show that they haven’t lost their optimism—or sense of humor. Some of the key highlights from the campaign include:

2018 Goals: Take a page from the 3,445 people who streamed the “Boozy Brunch” playlist on a Wednesday this year. (Global)

2018 Goals: Eat vegan brisket with the person who made a playlist called “Leftist Elitist Snowflake BBQ.” (US)

2018 Goals: Be as savage as the person who made a 1-hour, 55-minute playlist called “Lasting Longer Than The Mooch.”

2018 Goals: Avoid the “medical professionals” who added these songs to operating room playlists: Stressed Out, Can’t Feel My Face, Stairway to Heaven, Say You Won’t Let Go (Global)

2018 Goals: Hit the dance floor with the person who made a playlist called “DADDY PENCE COME DANCE.” (US)

2018 Goals: Deliver burns as well as the person who streamed “Bad Liar” 86 times the day Sean Spicer resigned. (US)

2018 Goals: Be as loving as the person who put 48 Ed Sheeran songs on their “I Love Gingers” playlist. (Global)

It’s been an odd year indeed, but personally, we’re glad to see Spotify letting loose and looking ahead. It’s a lesson more brands can pocket. Talk about #2018Goals. 

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