Spiegel Puts Two Catalogs Behind New Lingerie Line

Spiegel Brands Inc. launches a lingerie brand later this month called Cami Intimate across both its Newport News and Spiegel catalogs.

This is the first time a new line has received such treatment.

The move “is allowing us to dedicate more resources” to the launch, company spokeswoman Sonya Hartland said.

Cami Intimate will receive a five-page spread in the Newport News and Spiegel fall catalogs, which are scheduled to mail in late July.

The line, which consists of five distinct collections of comfortable and practical lingerie pieces designed not to be hidden under clothes, also will be available later this month on and

In addition, it will be promoted in dedicated e-mails to each brand’s customer base.

Another brand, Shape fx, is currently available in both the Newport News and Spiegel catalogs. However, the line of ready-to-wear clothing with built-in shape control was launched in Newport News in 1999 and wasn’t introduced into the Spiegel catalog until shortly after Geralynn Madonna took the reins of New York-based Spiegel in 2003, Ms. Hartland said.

The five Cami Intimate collections are the Flirty Collection, which features nylon and spandex pieces in floral embroidered seamless mesh; the Chic Collection, which includes bras, panties and camisoles that have been constructed without seams to look smooth under clothing; the Sexy Collection of lace-trimmed mesh; the Beautiful Collection featuring classic lingerie with scalloped stretch lace trim; and the Glamorous Collection, which consists of embroidered satin lingerie.

Each collection also includes coordinating ready-to-wear pieces that complement the collection. Prices range from $8 to $59 per piece.

Cami Intimate will be an addition to each catalog’s existing selection of branded and private-label lingerie selections.

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