Specialty Foods Group to launch first-ever mobile campaign

Consumer packaged goods marketer Specialty Foods Group Inc. (SFG) launched its first mobile campaign on Nov. 23 to promote the Kentucky Legend Ham product line, said Laura Luth, marketing manager at SFG. The contest targets a younger demographic who may not be familiar with Kentucky Legend Ham, she said.

“We want to generate trial for Kentucky Legend,” said Luth. “We think the product is the winner on the shelf. We’ve got high distribution nationally, but we feel there’s an opportunity for even more consumers to try it.”

The campaign was built in collaboration with Louisville, Ky.-based advertising agency, Community Edge. SFG has traditionally advertised on billboards, radio, TV and social media. The company has also marketed products through email and direct mail. This is its first campaign with Community Edge. Luth would not reveal the campaign’s budget.

Consumers must text the word “Legend” to 72727 to enter. SFG will use consumers’ numbers to remarket, said Luth.
SFG will give away 250 Kentucky Legend hams from now through the end of the year.

Luth said she hopes the campaign reaches “everybody,” but she says it is geared more toward young females. Mobile marketing is “a good way to get a different age group involved,” she said. “Our brand feels like it skews a little older.”

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