Speaker Outlines Brave New World

CHICAGO – Keynote speaker Frank Maguire pulled out all the stops in trying to get attendees excited Saturday at the fall show.

There were plenty of inspirational stories about the old days working with The Colonel at Kentucky Fried Chicken and as the CEO of Federal Express. But there was also some blunt advice.

“This isn't the 84th meeting,” he said. “It's your first, because everything has changed. With all the horrible news from September 11, we have been given a gift — an opportunity to make this a turning point in your industry. You need to challenge yourself at this time of great crisis. We can make it a moment to create our new strategy into the future. Don't get hooked by the media mania. Stay cool.”

He also discussed attendees' passion regarding the industry.

“How passionate are you about this business?” he asked. “Are you going to just fold up? “Of course not! If you don't feel a sense of passion about what you're doing, maybe it's time to do something else.

“Make your organization Web-centric; but it's not technology or financing that will make your business grow. Your people are the key to your success.”

Maguire also mentioned a Harvard Business School survey in which it was found that more than 90 percent of success is determined by one's attitude.

Information, intelligence and skill combined for 7 percent.

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