SPCA in Hong Kong appeals to the craving for more space

The Offer: The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Hong Kong partnered with DDB and Tribal DDB to raise awareness of battery-farming practices in Hong Kong and elsewhere with the “Think Your Place is Small?” campaign. The campaign offers recipients a perspective on chickens’ homes in captivity. 

The Data: The SPCA campaign targeted Hong Kong’s affluent, trend-setting demographic who purchase higher-priced organic chicken and eggs. Mail drove recipients to SPCA.org.hk to learn more, sign up for e-newsletters and learn what they can do to help.

The Channel: In addition to the 2,000 mail pieces, the teams plan to release a 2011 online phase of the campaign. More mail drops are also expected. 

The Creative: The mailers, shaped like chickens, had each piece’s “beak” hanging out of the mailbox to induce an emotional response to the animals’ restricted space.

The Verdict: This high-impact campaign effectively makes its point by literally driving the message home – to Hong Kong mailboxes. When the recipients see the size of a chicken’s cage via their mailboxes, they’re motivated to take action. Subscriptions to the SPCA newsletter will keep the conversation going.

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