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Spannerworks unveils Social Space

Search-based digital-marketing agency Spannerworks, an iCrossing company, has launched Social Spaces, a program that offers brands a strategic presence on the Internet and an understanding of how to best engage their audiences.

The program combines Spannerworks’ search engine-marketing services, technology, and research and development in social media.

“Our strategy for the launch of Social Spaces is based around educating the market about the nature of the changes to the way that media and communications work online,” said Antony Mayfield, head of content and media at Spannerworks. “Fundamentally what’s required are new models and new thinking for the new challenges that brands are facing online. This is what Social Spaces addresses head on.”

Spannerworks and iCrossing clients will be able to use brand- and reputation-management tools to retain and grow customer relationships on the Web. Spannerworks specifically aims to help organizations find the social spaces online where their brand is being talked about, including channels where they are interacting directly with customers, such as on company-sponsored Web sites, third-party review sites and blogs.

The program encourages organizations to listen to and learn from online conversations and identify issues that are important to customers. The personalized strategy will vary for each brand and be monitored.

“Social Spaces gives brands a pragmatic, coherent and comprehensive strategic platform for thinking about how their brand works online,” Mayfield said. “Its focus on earned attention and authentic engagement with stakeholders gives brands a way to communicate meaningfully with stakeholders in a highly complex online-media environment. From a search-engine-marketing point of view, it provides an ethical, transparent way to champion your brand online by earning attention which will result in a stronger reputation and therefore better search-engine visibility.”

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