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SpaceWorks, Novazen Enter Partnership

SpaceWorks, Rockville, MD, and Novazen, Boulder, CO, announced this week an agreement under which SpaceWorks will integrate and resell Novazen's EBPP solution. Novazen's Internet billing software will be integrated by SpaceWorks as the key component of the SpaceWorks BillingManager, a new, optional module in its Web BusinessManager suite. Clients using the SpaceWorks OrderManager will be able to offer their customers real-time invoice management, bill consolidation and payment over the Internet.

According to SpaceWorks, the addition of BillingManager will mean users can run business billing processes over the Web and “more efficiently and cost-effectively” complete their order-to-payment cycle. Users can also now view detailed invoices and payment information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and pay bills over the Internet in real time. Billing information can be consolidated from numerous sources into a single invoice and can be automatically updated as new products and services are added. The software will also include a browser-based interface consistent with other modules in the Web BusinessManager suite.

SpaceWorks is a business-to-business sell-side Web commerce software company, and Novazen is a provider of Internet-based software suites for electronic bill presentment and payment, bill consolidation and Internet customer care.

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