South African coin dealer ?pushes website overhaul

The Offer: For years, South Cape Coins relied on traditional direct marketing to advertise its rare collection. ?A redesigned website includes a link to rare coin collectors’ competition for consumers who “like” the South African coin dealer on Facebook, a video demonstration of the company’s coin portfolio manager and a number ?of other interactive elements. ?

The Data: South Cape Coins’ Facebook page is the entry point for its rare coin competition, but visitors ?must both “like” the page and post a phrase promoting the contest to the brand’s wall in order to enter. The revamped website and Facebook promotion had by late August tripled the number of site visits to 3,300 and decreased the bounce rate by 15%. The average amount of time a visitor spends on the site increased by nearly a minute to three minutes and 45 seconds.?

The Channel: South Cape and Lima Bean chose digital marketing as its focus in this campaign, incorporating Facebook fan pages, email marketing, improved SEO and a rebranded website, Internet-based paid ads and a new public relations effort that forwards industry-related press releases to high-ranking blogs and forums. ?

The Creative: The campaign has a fleshed-out Facebook fan page that is updated daily with industry and company information. It also includes high-resolution images of rare coins. It urges readers to “find out about the top-performing investment” by “liking” the brand’s fan page on Facebook. Video demonstrations and information about such features as coin grading make the consumer feel better educated in his or her purchase.?


Steve Kerho is SVP of strategy, analytics, media and marketing optimization at Organic. He was previously the director of interactive marketing and media for Nissan North America. Kerho is based in San Francisco. 

Effective content was created for all the appropriate touchpoints. The post-launch numbers speak for themselves, indicating the power of good strategy, good execution and effective measurement. ?

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