Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed….

As e-mail continues to evolve as a marketing tool and communication platform, it’s important to re-visit past strategies, be open to trends and become aware of competition, to achieve success.


As long term players in the e-mail marketing space, we’ve tested just about every e-mail tactic around, but sometimes it’s worth re-visiting something from the past, since e-mail trends, like fashion, change and evolve over time. 

In fact, some e-mail practices may have fallen out of favor at one point – but are now more relevant.  For instance, many legitimate marketers abandoned merging “First Name” into subject lines due to the adoption of this practice by less reputable mailers. This tactic was a staple back in the early 2000’s when EMM was still fairly new to the masses. 

At the Email Evolution Conference in February 2009, many top Email Marketers agreed that this trend was emerging again, although they recommended using it sparingly.  After re-testing this extensively at Prospectiv, we discovered this gave us a lift and we now use it occasionally with specific campaigns, years after we’d abandoned that practice. 


As consumer behavior evolves, our campaign tactics must evolve with them.  Get ahead of the trends and integrate the latest innovations into your campaigns to help boost results, such as social media.  Utilizing social media will help increase the performance of your campaigns while also creating viral opportunities for your content. 

For example, include a Share With Your Network (SWYN) option such as “Become a Facebook Fan” or “Follow us on Twitter”.  By doing so, your target consumer not only endorses your brand to their social network but your content also maximizes its viral value.


Just because you didn’t create it doesn’t mean you can’t learn from it.  Your team should always observe tactics of others – and be ready to follow their lead when it’s relevant to your business. Be sure to look across different marketing verticals because you could adopt a smart strategy from almost anywhere.  Register for many different types of e-mails and look at each campaign with a critical eye.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with some ideas you see but add to or alter them to better suit your communications. 

To recap, keep your EMM efforts moving forward by remembering to:
• Never abandon older tactics as implementing them again may yield further success.
• Integrate new features into your campaigns to keep things fresh and current.
• Emphasize continuous learning from your program and keep your eye on what others are doing in the space, as you may gain more from this than you think.

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