Something Old, Something New For Campaign is rolling out a multichannel campaign this week to build brand awareness and drive people to its Web site.

The retailer of antiques will send a direct mail piece tomorrow to 6,000 people. The names came from an InfoUSA list of people who expressed interest in antiques.

Concurrently, AntiqueParlor will send 10,000 e-mails to a different set of potential customers who double opted in to receive information about antiques.

Post Master Direct pulled those names from a list of 650,000 wealthy homeowners in the Los Angeles and Orange County, CA, areas. The recipients had annual household incomes of at least $150,000.

“Since not everybody will buy antique furniture, we've had to find a way to segment the market and find the people we're looking for and market to them at the lowest cost,” said Scott Buelter, CEO of AntiqueParlor. “Traditional mechanisms really don't function that well, and direct marketing seems like the way to go.”

AntiqueParlor, which has a little more than 1,000 registered users, wants site visitors to register for its monthly e-mail newsletter, Buelter said. The company is offering visitors who register for the newsletter a chance to win an antique chair worth $1,000, he said.

Buelter said he is hoping for a 10 percent response rate with the e-mails. Additionally, he said that although the company would like to convert that traffic into sales, conversion rates are more of a long-term goal until it builds its database.

“Even low conversion rates would be considered a success for us,” Buelter said.

Buelter expects a 2 percent response rate with the direct mail pieces.

AntiqueParlor is testing the lists for one month before committing itself to purchasing more lists or running additional campaigns, Buelter said. The company then plans to evaluate the results. Depending on the campaign's effectiveness, AntiqueParlor will continue to reach the market using lists or will contact recipients of the e-mails or direct mail pieces and ask them why they did not sign up.

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