Someone Tell Twitter That Its Moment for Moments Has Passed

Understatement of the year: It must be incredibly hard to be Twitter these days. Not only is everyone saying your business is stagnating, they criticize you when you do anything to fix it. I, unfortunately, have to join the chorus.

Twitter today announced it is opening up its Moments platform to more “influencers.”

Twitter Moments, which debuted in October, was previously called Project Lightning, and is one of the central components of the company’s marketing efforts. Until now, every Moment had been curated by either Twitter’s editorial team or a limited group of partners — such as BuzzFeed, Entertainment Weekly, Getty Images, NASA, The New York Times, Vogue, and Major League Baseball. 

This seems good in theory. And given that Moments is kin to Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories, it’s hard to blame Twitter for trying to compete. Also, they are opening this up to brands so there is definitively an ad sales point at play here.

BUT! All the hope in the world doesn’t solve the fact that people don’t really get Moments and those who do, don’t particular love it. 

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More of a thing that most people don’t like is not going to be the thing that saves Twitter. Unfortunately, I don’t necessarily know what thing will.

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