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Software Helps Deliver Rich Media E-Mails

NEW YORK – InChorus.com, a multimedia Internet communications firm based in Santa Clara, CA, at the Streaming Media East conference last week unveiled software that can give Internet marketers control over content development and production of rich media e-mail messages.

InChorus Pro streamlines the delivery of rich media e-mail by incorporating compression and streaming technology with Java. It gives marketers the ability to develop rich media e-mail messages that users can view on Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix platforms without timing glitches, company officials said.

The software allows rich media e-mail messages that use voice, graphics and animation to be viewed by any recipient on any platform without the need for plug-ins or high-speed modems.

“The market is ready to step up e-mail marketing and advertising to rich media, and we’ve got the solution for today’s organizations,” said inChorus CEO William Yuan.

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