Soft drink packaging designed by artists grabs attention

Situation: Mountain Dew, the lime-green soft drink, decided to use packaging to support the arts with the Green Label Art campaign.

Eleven artists each created a Mountain Dew-inspired design for 16-ounce aluminum bottles (the first time a carbonated soft drink would be bottled in aluminum in the US) that would be sold for a limited time. Art would also appear on various other collateral, including a website.

The campaign, which also gave Mountain Dew opportunity to put premium packaged product on shelves, was executed by agencies Seed Gives Life, Fuse Marketing, and MirrorBall.

Approach: The bottles were mailed to media and influencers, and they were displayed at boutiques and at gallery-like events for artists, which Mountain Dew hosted.

“[Artists] were happiest about approach,” said Mike Salman, partner at Seed Gives Life. “[It’s] not just something that speaks to the corporate brand. It was a celebration of the artist, who they are, and what they do.”

The initiative was supported by interactive Web site,, where visitors learn more about the artists through their portfolios, video, and event details. The site also contains information about a consumer bottle design contest, in which the public voted on a winning design that will appear next year on Mountain Dew bottles as part of the Green Label Art program.

Results : Metrics illustrating the success of this first iteration of the Green Label Art program are undisclosed. However, a statement reveals that executives at Pepsi, Mountain Dew’s parent company, are pleased with the awareness raised by the initiative, which will become a national retail program in 2008.

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