Social Media Marketing Company, Winner: Unmetric

Focus on brand-specific social media intelligence is one of Unmetric’s unique features. The company is also reportedly the only one of its kind that employs a team of data analysts who deliver qualitative insights in addition to quantitative data.

Clients find the platform’s three standalone products (Analyze, Discover, and Track) easy to use, efficient, and flexible. For example, Analyze collects in-depth social media data in minutes as opposed to days or weeks, and Track’s mobile and command center app can put all branded content in single stream.

“As a creative planner who manages fast-paced digital campaigns, I don’t have time to dig deep into content performance data,” said one client. “Discover gives me a quick line of sight to brand-relevant topics and content that are trending and those that performed well historically. This isn’t available to me through any other tool or service. Discover helps me provide my colleagues and our clients with data-driven rationale for creative decisions.”

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