Social Media Loves a Technical Difficulty

Nothing sends a clever brand’s social media profile higher than an electronic emergency during a championship sports event. When the lights went out at the New Orleans Super Dome during Super Bowl XLVII in 2013, the Twitter monitor shone bright for Oreo, which tweeted out an image with the legend, “You can still dunk in the dark.” Last night it was marketers at Maytag and Snickers who cracked social base hits when Fox TV’s game feed went dark, according to Amobee Brand Intelligence.

The washing machine maker reacted on Twitter saying, “With Maytag, there’s never a shortage of power” and immediately got 184 retweets. “You know how to avoid #TechnicalDifficulties in the future? #EatASNICKERS” was the candy bar brand’s rejoinder, which scored 68 retweets.

For Fox, the delay in coverage resulted in negative sentiment voiced in 23% of 114,561 tweets mentioning the network during the game between the Kansas City Royals and the New York Mets. Other World Series social highlights from Amobee, which analyzes digital content engagement across more than 600,000 sites:

  • Taco Bell crunched it at the Series, generating 17,505 tweets with a promotion to give away free A.M. CrunchWraps to everyone in America on November 5 if any player stole a base in the first two games. Two bases ended up being swiped, one by K.C.’s Lorenzo Cain and the other by New York’s Juan Lagares. Cain himself got mentioned in 4,374 tweets. Digital content engagement around Taco Bell has increased 561% as of early this morning compared to yesterday.
  • Fox wasn’t the only one with technical difficulties last night. Google Fiber saw its Internet and TV services crash in Kansas City just before the game’s first pitch. A third of the 3,699 tweets mentioning the service were negative against only 10% positive.
  • Players receiving the most attention on Twitter were Royals left fielder Alex Gordon (26,802) who hit the game-winning homer in the 14th inning and the Mets’ losing pitcher Bartolo Colon (24,660).

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