Social marketing helps The Limited push new site

The Limited is promoting its recently launched e-commerce store with a new viral marketing contest.

The contest, which is being promoted at The Limited’s new online store, chal­lenges consumers to create the “ultimate outfit” by playing with Limited brand products in a virtual closet. The campaign targets 18- to 44-year-old women.

“We want the girl who shops at The Limited, but also the girl who hasn’t thought of us in a while,” said Jenni­fer Bayley, manager of PR for Limited Stores. “We want to reintroduce her to the brand.”

In The Limited’s virtual closet, which was designed by Brickfish, consumers are called to assemble an outfit by pair­ing pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, tops and accessories. They can then tell The Limited the inspiration behind the look and where they’d likely wear it.

“Our objective was to engage the com­munity and do it in a way that was a two-way dialogue,” said Hyder Rabbani, EVP, Brickfish, an agency that helps brands add social and user-generate content engage­ment tactics to their media mix. “The idea was to capture the consumers who are spending a lot of time online and cre­ate a fun and entertaining but relevant campaign for them to have a conversation about the brand.”

Users can take the outfits that they’ve created and share them virally by post­ing on a social networking site, such as Facebook or MySpace. After the first week of the campaign, which began on November 5, there were 7,000 entries, of which over 400 were posted and garnered 25,000 views.

The Limited will choose its favorite ultimate outfit and fly the winner and a friend to Chicago, Dallas or Miami to meet with a personal stylist from The Limited and give the winner a $2,000 shopping spree.

After many years of not selling its clothes online, The Limited launched its new e-commerce site,, two months ago.

Columbus, OH-based Limited Stores was purchased by Sun Capital Partners in August 2007.

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