Snickers satisfies with a feast on its Web site

Mars Inc.’s Snickers candy bar brand has teamed up with for a new interactive Web site in a move to build brand awareness.

The new site, at incorporates the current brand positioning of a Snickers as a feast, as part of an overall goal to build a core brand position in the market.

Michael Treff, account director at, said via e-mail that the redesign strategy was meant “to deliver an exceptional, immersive and engaging digital experience which lives up to the expectations our customers have for the brand itself.”

Animation, sound installations, experimental navigation, and Easter eggs are featured on the site to achieve this goal. The site includes nutritional and product information, as well as current promotions including the Feasters television commercials that feature the road historical characters known for feasting on the road, such as Henry VIIIand the Pilgrims. It also includes Pepe and Lupita, characters from a Latin American-targeted campaign.

The previous iteration of, which was not designed by, let visitors browse product information, sponsorship information and connect to campaign-based microsites.

“While the previous version of the site was more of a traditional brand site, with little engagement or interactivity, we strived to create a digital environment that was substantial and satisfying to our customers, mirroring the actual eating experience when one eats a Snickers bar,” Treff added.

Snickers did not disclose the cost of the site’s redesign, and is doing little to market the new site, beyond adding the Web address to the product’s wrapper. But, according to Mat Zucker, executive creative director at, a Web site is about branding. “The site is the portal for the brand and it is a place to come for brand engagement,” he said.

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