Snap-on Ratchets Up Acquisition, Retention Efforts

Snap-on Inc., a manufacturer and marketer of tools for professional use, is conducting a holiday e-card campaign through the end of the month after a similar Father's Day effort increased the company's opt-in database by 80 percent.

Snap-on, Kenosha, WI, advertises the e-cards on its Web site and e-mail newsletter as well as on sites aimed at hobbyists, auto enthusiasts and the professional construction trade. E-card senders can choose to receive future offers and Snap-on eNews, the company's monthly newsletter featuring articles on new products, endorsements of Snap-on products from motor sports teams and technical tips.

Though Snap-on did not have numbers yet for the holiday effort, the Father's Day campaign added 16,000 subscribers to the newsletter in the less than two weeks the e-cards were offered. Ninety percent of those people still receive the newsletter, said June C. Lemerand, Snap-on's director of Internet marketing.

“We continue to enjoy minimal drop-off from our list, and our newsletter performs extremely well in open rates and click through to,” she said.

Snap-on keeps the e-mail addresses of all e-card senders or recipients, but contacts only those who opted in for further information.

“If the receiver didn't opt in, Snap-on wouldn't remarket to them,” Lemerand said. “We only market to those who have given us permission to. We have those e-mail addresses in a database, but we don't market to them.”

The promotion also has an e-commerce element. E-card recipients can create a wish list of Snap-on products and return it to the sender. The sender can click through to to buy wish list items. During the Father's Day promotion, the wish list resulted in 215 sales.

Snap-on offers three styles of holiday cards: two with generic themes that require Flash and feature Snap-on tools, and a third non-Flash card that promotes Snap-on's affiliation with NASCAR driver Doug Herbert. Senders can include a personal message with the card and select the date they want it delivered.

Snap-on worked with, Baltimore, on the e-card campaign. has helped Snap-on increase its Internet marketing efforts since fall 2000. Snap-on previously relied on print media to promote its products.

“ continually works with us to develop our interactive campaigns and to ensure our objectives are being met,” Lemerand said. “Our eCRM campaign enhanced our ability to communicate with our customers and prospects in a more personalized and cost-efficient manner.”

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