Snaplytics Launches Snapchat Analytics Program

Snaplytics announced the launch of an Influencer Tracking Platform at Snaphappen, a conference focused on Snapchat and its users, in London. The news was first reported by VentureBeat.

The program will track and measure Snapchat channels and provide insights and data on a platform, where brands, agencies and influencers will be able to access the success of their stories.

Currently, Snapchat analytics are collected manually, by sifting through screengrabs over a 24-hour period. Snaplytics, however, removes most of the manual effort involved  and obtains data through the amount of users view a Snapchat story, how they view it and for how long.

“We are not affiliated or endorsed by Snapchat,” Thomas Cilius, CEO at Snaplytics, said to VentureBeat. “Its business model heavily revolves around advertising on the platform, where we focus on brands who want to run a native channel on Snapchat. We only look into our customers’ own stories and not the one-to-one snaps. There is a fine line between lurking and delivering valuable analytics. We are not using the previously hacked API but have built a setup where we can grab the data without any APIs.”

Snaplytics will initially charge brands and agencies for access to the analytics program, however, the company will not charge Snapchat influencers. Once purchased by agencies or brands, Snaplytics will also offer an influencer matchmaking service.

While the innovation by Snaplytics’ analytics program provides a fresh perspective to the mobile app’s data collection process, it cannot go unnoticed that Snapchat should do the same.

But where is Snapchat’s analytics program?

Brands and agencies interested in marketing on Snapchat are regulated to third-party analytics platforms. Analytics companies independent of Snapchat are only be able to access a finite amount of data. However, a Snapchat created analytics program, much like Facebook’s, could present a clearer picture to brands and agencies.

As Snapchat continues to court brands and launch advertising products, the time for a robust native analytics package has come.

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