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SmartMail Buys Drop Ship Express

SmartMail Services, Atlanta, an expediter of flat-sized mail and parcel packages, said yesterday that it acquired Drop Ship Express, a Minneapolis-based mail and parcel delivery company.

Terms were not disclosed. The new organization will have more than $200 million in revenue and 1,100 employees at 22 processing centers nationwide.

Through a work-share partnership with the U.S. Postal Service, SmartMail collects, processes, automates, sorts, tracks and delivers flat-sized mail and parcels ranging from 2 ounces to 70 pounds. Once received and processed, deliveries are flown or trucked to a destination postal facility and injected deep into the postal stream to meet delivery commitments and maximize savings to the customer.

Drop Ship Express is a mail and parcel delivery company focused on flats, Parcel Select, machinable and irregular parcels, Bound Printed Matter and Media Mail. It also offers services such as warehousing, address verification, mail tracking, Delivery Confirmation and Confirm/PlanetCode.

The merger expands SmartMail's partnership with the postal service. The company's services now include both air expedited and ground delivery services for these USPS products: flats, Bound Printed Matter, Parcel Select, Media Mail and machinable and irregular parcels.

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