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Smarter Software Offers Copies

Direct and database marketer Smarter Software, Clearwater, FL, announced recently that it will offer complimentary copies of its Address PRO 3.0 software to be used in daily business applications to qualifying nonprofit organizations, list brokers and hospitals for a limited 90-day period.

The software, which supports Bulk Mail Center (BMC) and Sectional Center Facility (SCF) entry-point destination discounts, has the ability to parse each record, fix wrongly formatted or misspelled address elements, correct ZIP codes and add ZIP+4.

According to Smarter Software, the Address PRO 3.0 system can fully support many of the popular databases, such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, dBase FoxPro, Clipper Paradox and ASCII. Other features include advanced label output and export capabilities, database viewing and editing capabilities, global field replacing, multiline address support and an optional ZIP+4 geocoding module.

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