Slideshare: A typical fight between a digital marketer, and a traditional CEO

“We need to be more digital” is a common cry heard around every marketing meeting, but that can mean different things to different people. The strategies of digital marketing evolve rapidly, on a quarterly, rather than yearly basis, and sometimes it can be a struggle to get a CEO on board. The CEO doesn’t have to be old-fashioned, but they can certainly have their own ideas about what’s effective and what isn’t in the digital world. Is PPC more effective than email marketing? Why do we need to talk so much about social media? Does list targeting work?

How many times have you dealt with questions like that? On the flipside, how many times have you posed similiar questions to your team without a satisfactory answer. You’re not alone. Inbound marketing platform Impact has put together a theoretical argument between one such CEO and a digital marketer, created using real-life accounts. Sound familiar?

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