Sky’s the limit for Infiniti convertible’s new mobile campaign

To promote the launch of its new Infiniti G37 Convertible and the summer sales event, Nissan is running a multichannel marketing campaign with various mobile elements.

The campaign, which is scheduled to run through August 31, incorporates SMS, a new mobile WAP site, user generated media and direct mail. “Most of the Infiniti vehicles are pretty tech-savvy, and so are the buyers,” said Josh Clifton, product communications executive at Infiniti. “By using mobile we are reaching out to our consumers who are tech-savvy. It is also ties back into the tech-savvy nature of the car.”

The creative on the site was designed by Infiniti’s agency OMD, in conjunction with mobile partner MoVoxx, which also headed up the SMS component. “The mobile campaign was designed to drive people to a mobile WAP site that was specifically designed for the Infiniti G37 launch,” said Alec Andronikov, chief mobilizer at MoVoxx. “The purpose of the site is to drive direct response and collect mobile leads. Once we have the profiles, the idea is to drive the user to dealer locators.”

The messaging of the campaign is based on the creative concept, that by driving a convertible, the sky belongs to the driver. To play on this “Own the sky” concept, the mobile WAP site calls consumers to upload their own photos of the sky in order to win a contest. “We wanted to have a call to action to garner opt-ins, so we did that by offering prizes,” said Lauren Dickey, digital media strategist at OMD. “The creative idea was to have the mobile theme echo the overall campaign theme which was to associate the sky with the car.”

To enter the contest, consumers must provide their address and phone number, thus building a database for remarketing. The first effort in this remarketing is a customized direct mail postcard of the image that the user uploaded with Infiniti branding added to it and a list of local dealerships. “We just loved the idea of sending out the postcards, because it creates a cool user experience and a pleasant surprise,” said Lauren Dickey, digital media strategist at OMD. “The idea was to delight the consumers.”

The SMS component is a text message that runs at the bottom of a news alert text that a consumer has already opted into. The ads are running across Movoxx’s 250 million-impression network, which includes messaging from publishing partners Reuters and NBC. The ad is attached to news updates. “SMS actually gets a way higher engagement rate than just a WAP banner,” added Andronikov.

The WAP site is powered by mobile services firm Usablenet. By employing Usablenet, Infiniti can transfer its Web data, including the “Find a Dealer” and “Request a Quote” tools, as well as all of the art work directly from the Internet Web site. This rendered site will be measured with the same back end tools already in place in the Web design, said Jason Taylor, VP of mobile products at Usablenet.

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