Sitecore Adds Commerce Solution to Its Experience Platform

Customer experience management company Sitecore has announced a new addition to its Sitecore Experience Platform in Sitecore Commerce, a .NET experience management platform that integrates with commerce functionality.

The new service builds on the enterprise commerce capabilities Sitecore gained in its acquisition of last November. The service aims to help marketers deliver personalized and relevant shopping experiences from the initial customer acquisition through to digital transactions.

Sitecore Commerce features will include a unified administration interface where marketers can edit and view all assets of their campaigns while accessing customer insights from multiple touchpoints. Sitecore Commerce will natively integrate with the Sitecore Experience Platform and will release in September.

“We view e-commerce a key piece of the customer experience platform puzzle. I’m proud of the addition of the Sitecore Commerce to our leading platform,” Sitecore’s CEO and cofounder Michael Seifert said in a statement.

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