Site Tracking Software Works in Real Time

Visual Insights, an e-business performance company, recently launched its site-tracking eBizinsights solution products, which company officials tout as the next generation of Web tracking software.

The software provides a view of buyer behavior, visitor demographics, promotional effectiveness and site performance by using visual, 3-D animation with real-time technology. It also allows businesses to store data for analysis and reporting over a sustained time period and to publish reports directly to the Web, said Doug Cogswell, president/CEO of Visual Insights, Naperville, IL.

The real-time component allows users to look at business transactions as they happen and to be able to affect promotions and user experiences, said Michael Tatelman, vice president of Visual Insight's marketing and business development.

“In the first generation of e-business products, we counted hits to see if our promotions were effective,” he said. “That was not nearly enough. We need to understand the buyer behavior, [and] be able to test and hone promotional activity in order to build better response rates and buy rates.”

Visual discovery and reporting provide a much more intuitive interface to the data, enabling more people to turn that data into actionable decisions and results, Cogswell said. These solutions bring technology to users, enabling them to do business better, acquire customers faster and retain existing customers.

“Survival in the 21st century requires that companies focus their attention on the Internet and on branding,” Cogswell said. “We're seeing a battle between the dot-coms that are setting up business in this new Internet format, and the established players that already have the brand recognition [but are] struggling to get onto this new platform.”

Formed in 1997, Visual Insights is a creation of Lucent Technologies. It was used as leverage for Bell Laboratories research and development efforts in data visualization technology until spinning off from Lucent in 1999.

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