Siperian chosen for health insurance data management

Siperian Inc. has been selected to help Vhi Healthcare manage its customer data and customer relationships.

Vhi, which provides private medical insurance to 1.57 million members, will deploy Siperian MDM Hub in an effort to reduce call center response times and better tailor its upgrade and cross-sell offers to clients.

“One of the key reasons for us looking at a data hub now was because of the wealth of data around our members and the need to exploit this data to its fullest,” said Mick Furlong, IT director at Vhi. “The market is changing quite dramatically, the landscape is more competitive and there are new entrants to the marketplace. Vhi is having to make sure it is exploiting data to its maximum potential and looking at ways of improving end-to-end customer service through analysis of data.”

“The company is looking at ways of personalizing service more and personalizing product sets,” he concluded.

Siperian MDM Hub will allow Vhi to create unique member IDs. The system will also enable the company to consolidate patient and family data.

Furlong said Vhi chose Siperian in particular because, “It seemed to have a fairly innovative approach to construction of data and the structure to hold data. It gives Vhi a way of profiling data differently than what we were doing earlier; it gives hierarchies so the company can look at an individual’s data and see all the relationships.”

The Siperian MDM Hub will also help Vhi pinpoint which channel customers prefer and personalize its services.

Vhi just started building its Siperian platform. Within the next two to three months the insurance provider will begin the data cleansing and consolidation process.

Siperian, headquartered in San Mateo, CA, provides its MDM platform to companies in financial services, health and life sciences, technology, manufacturing and information services industries.

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