Singer Direct Wins 10 Hanover Insert Programs

Singer Direct Inc., Scarsdale, NY, said yesterday that it was awarded management of 10 insert programs from multi-title cataloger Hanover Direct Inc., effective immediately.

Hanover Direct's catalog titles are Domestications, International Male, UnderGear, Silhouettes, The Company Store and Company Kids. Merchandise in these catalogs includes home furnishings, children's bedding and contemporary apparel.

The Domestications catalog blow-in program offers 50 million annual insertions, and the package insert program has 1.4 million insert opportunities yearly.

The International Male catalog blow-in program has an annual distribution of 6.1 million, and the package insert program goes into 310,000 packages annually.

The UnderGear catalog blow-in program inserts 4.6 million pieces yearly.

The Silhouettes catalog blow-in program offers 27 million blow-ins annually, and the package insert program has a distribution of 630,000 yearly.

The Company Store catalog blow-in program consists of 48 million annual insertions, and the package insert program reaches 1.3 million buyers yearly.

Company Kids catalog blow-in program annual distribution is 15 million.

The blow-in programs cost $35/M, and the package insert programs are $60/M.

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