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Singer Direct VP Sees Slip in Response

RYE BROOK, NY — During a question-and-answer session of the Alternate Response Media Council's “Insert Media Success Stories from a Mailer's Perspective” breakfast yesterday, Singer Direct vice president of marketing Dan Plunkett told the audience that he has seen a slight decline in response rate.

“What we've seen, just in general, is a little bit of a trail down in response rate over time,” Plunkett said. He added, however, that during the past 18 months catalogers have expressed interest in diversifying what they are doing due to print, production and postage costs. He also mentioned “some of the DRTV folks who have maxed out” TV deals.

“We have been talking to people who are traditionally brand-only people,” he said. “The tough thing about that is the medium is not glamorous like television. They don't really realize how massive you can get with this. You can get into the billions of impressions per year.

“We're trying to figure out how to educate the brand and agency industry as to this channel. Some of those folks are paying, literally, tens of millions of dollars to build a brand and yet never even touching a lot of the medium, and I think that's a mistake.”

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