Silverpop Automates CAN-SPAM Compliance

NEW ORLEANS — Silverpop announced a suite of tools this week that lets marketers ensure they comply with CAN-SPAM Act regulations.

The Atlanta-based e-mail service provider said the SafeSender features automate compliance for all e-mail sent by a company, whether it is produced by marketers, call centers, sales, support or other departments. According to a survey commissioned by Silverpop, nearly half of Fortune 1000 companies lack comprehensive internal regulations for CAN-SPAM compliance.

Under the federal law that took effect in January, all commercial e-mail is subject to regulations such as including unsubscribe links and the physical address of the sender in messages.

“We're seeing marketers turned into legal secretaries,” said Elaine O'Gorman, vice president of strategy at Silverpop. “We're trying to automate as many of these tasks as possible so marketers can do marketing.”

SafeSender features are included for all Silverpop clients, which include The Bombay Company, British Sky Broadcasting and

SafeSender offers senders suppression synchronization, which ensures each e-mail sent is scrubbed against a global opt-out list, as required under CAN-SPAM. It also includes audits that won't let messages go out without addresses and opt-out links.

O'Gorman said an important part of SafeSender is a viral suppression feature. This checks “forward-to-a-friend” messages against suppression lists. The Federal Trade Commission has said that companies are considered senders under the law if they encourage others to send their marketing messages, such as through a forwarding button on its Web site or in e-mails.

“We had a lot of clients who just stopped doing viral because it wasn't clear how it was to be done,” O'Gorman said.

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